What people think about Tek Ninjas.

With my 10+ years of experience working for one of the major implementation partners in the U.S.A., I still was not getting paid as per market standards. I hesitated to switch employers because of my immigration status. Tek Ninjas helped me overcome both issues. They found me a job that paid double the salary that I was getting paid previously, and the immigration was seamless. Their attention to detail and strong immigration team made my H-1B transfer and GC processing very easy and fast.

Venkat Varma, Bigdata Architect at Tek Ninjas

I tried applying for many full-time jobs after my graduation but without the proper knowledge, I couldn’t get any job offers. Tek Ninjas helped me understand the current job market trends and trained me on the latest technologies which shaped my career. In last 6 years, I have worked for many Fortune 500 clients and traveled across the U.S.A. Without Tek Ninjas, I cannot imagine myself where I stand today.

Greeshma Rajan, AEM Developer at Tek Ninjas